Quit Your Job and Do What You Love.  

Hey Everybody, 
         So the Oscar season came and went, and yet I find myself empty handed again. No reward for my wishing and hoping. No reward for my thinking I should start writing that script. I was not given a lifetime achievement for my perceived potential. What a bummer. Oh well.  What's on Hulu? Do we still have those cheese pretzel combos or did we eat them all? Right? Time to get off our duffs and call our bluffs (see what I did there? I'm a songwriter, I can DO that). Now I know there is the viewpoint that Hollywood is vapid with short attention spans, and that we only care about that which is immediately in front of us, like liberal elitist goldfish. But get off of my cloud, imaginary guy who said that. This show follows my brain down the rabbit hole to find out what it is to validate your work, to seize the opportunity to call yourself a full fledged artist. It also explores what it is to claim artistry, and to take the leap into the unknown. I talk to a friend and compatriot Jesse Thomas about taking the huge leap into depending on your art to keep you fed and clothed. It's worth the risk ladies and gentlemen. it certainly is. 

Be sure to check out Jesse's Tour dates at her website www.iamjessethomas.com
as well as Marvel's Agents of Shield wherein I shoot at people with impunity. 
check out a clip of it here: http://youtu.be/OpBFL5mPKlo?t=1m42s