Hello Everyone, 
How’s the depths of winter treating you? You still holding on to the giddiness of starting fresh in the new year? Has the rubber hit the road? I’ve gone through 4 new selves already and it’s not even Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what’s necessarily wrong with the self I am right now, but by gum I’m going to reinvent it. Not in a David Bowie, “I’m the White Duke now” kind of vibe, or a Garth Brooks, “I’m this Chris Gaines dude with hair” thing. It’s more of me cleaning up after myself like a grown human. Emailing people back because that’s considerate. You know. Less self-absorption. More color coding. 

I'm trying to write a new record folks. It’s coming slowly. The key is to trick myself into writing and not fall off into distraction. Does anyone out there have a cabin in the woods with slow internet (or no internet) so I can get this thing DONE? Right now I’m trying to work through the self-centered themes, and move on to anything else, like war, fa

mine, disease, but with a danceable beat. Kidding, just trying to break the rut. I’ll get back to you on that next week. 


But This week on the program we Have Scott Luhrs, a Los Angeles based comedian who happened to be my college roommate. DIG THAT! We try not to get too inside jokey, but it’s a great talk. Wonderful to catch up with him and how life’s been treating him. You can check out his twitter for shows and info HERE: 



As always, thanks for listening. Continue to spread the word about the show, I love and appreciate all the positive feedback (and if you’ve been listening long enough, you know I NEED IT)